How to Unlock Co-Op in Samurai Warriors 5

Most players probably don’t realize how easy it is to unlock co-op in Samurai Warriors 5, adding many new layers to the game.


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One of the best features in Samurai Warriors 5 is playing co-op missions with a friend, either online or offline. There’s only one requirement for unlocking this feature in the game, and it will take you about 30 minutes if you’re fast. Here’s how to unlock¬†co-op¬†in the game so you can get on and play it with your friends as soon as you want.

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How to Unlock Co-Op

To unlock co-op in Samurai Warriors 5, you must progress through the first chapter until the fourth battle in Musou Mode. Once complete, you’ll be told that the co-op has been unlocked. From that point on, you can start a battle in co-op by having the second player turn on a controller and pressing the Start button or your platform’s equivalent.

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While playing in co-op, you and your friend will be able to take each mission by storm with two competent characters storming the battlefield instead of just one. It’s also a good idea to explore as many different areas as possible so that you can cover more ground and complete every objective.

Interestingly, having a second player doesn’t make anything easier. Enemies and encounters will scale with the number of players in the game, so co-op challenges are far more difficult. It makes for an interesting adventure because players can split up and cover multiple objectives instead of working through them one at a time as they do in solo campaigns.

Offline co-op is played in splitscreen, while with online co-op, each player only sees the point of view of their character. Splitscreen compromises what each player can see on-screen, particularly with the level of chaos Samurai Warriors 5 displays. However, it’s worth it for the sheer carnage you can inflict on those poor enemy soldiers with a friend.

We prefer co-op mode because it allows players to progress further through each mode at a faster pace. While its nice to take things slow and tackle the entire campaign solo from time to time, working together with others is part of what makes Samurai Warriors 5 so enjoyable.