Square Enix reveals new Harvestella characters, jobs, and delicious meals

Get the shorts and shades — summer’s here.

Image via Square Enix

The release of Square Enix’s Harvestella is only a couple of months away now, and as expected, the publisher is starting to drip-feed some more tantalizing details for the hungry masses. We already know that Harvestella will see players taking on the role of a young woman who must tend to her farm, meet new friends, and protect her town from the menacing-sounding Quietus, the season of death. But where there’s death, there must also be life, and that seems to be the focus of this update.

The information, released on the Square Enix website today, covers a few bases. After revealing some locations tied to the Spring and Fall Seaslights in previous updates, today’s features the seaside town of Shatolla, in the area governed by the Summer Seaslight. This fishing town features a tavern and a handful of new characters to meet, including the young inventor Heine and the songstress Emo. The town is plagued with problems, and attempting to solve them will take you to a place known as the Coral Shrine.

Two new jobs, which determine characters’ weapons and abilities in battle, were also revealed. The Mechanic is described as being “proficient at physical attacks and weakening enemies,” which may include inflicting handy debuffs. Meanwhile, the Woglinde is a magical class that channels power through song to provide support to allies. Both can use charged attacks as well.

A number of smaller additions were mentioned. This included new summer crops and cooking recipes, including the mouth-watering Fisherman’s Sandwich and the Melting Chocolate Fondant. On top of that, new biomes for growing crops were shown off, as well as the Renovator character who can make changes to your farm. It’s a significant window into what awaits players once Harvestella releases in November, but those who can’t wait until then can also try out a demo on Switch right now.