How to unlock recipes in Tower of Fantasy

Bon Appetit.

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There are a lot of various mechanics in Tower of Fantasy for you to look into and pursue. Some of these can get you new useful items, but others will help you heal and give various buffs. Cooking meals and entrees in the game is important, but getting the most basic dishes is boring and not as beneficial. Here is how you can unlock new recipes in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to get new recipes for meals in Tower of Fantasy

There are a few different ways to come across new recipes in Tower of Fantasy. One of the best is to create them yourself. There are cooking pots all over the world, and if you place some ingredients in the Creation menu, there is a chance you can unlock a recipe that you didn’t already own. If you have extra lower-grade ingredients, they can increase the chance of you properly making the recipe and not an Awful Stew or different recipe.

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For an easier time getting recipes, you can buy them from Food Vendors or earn them by completing certain quests. All it takes to buy these is Gold, but not every vendor has recipes, some only have ingredients. Typically, they don’t take more than 5,000, depending on how good the recipe is. However,  this method will not allow you to unlock every single recipe in the game. For the ones you can’t buy, you have to take a chance creating them at the cooking pot.

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Regardless of what recipes you have unlocked, you will always want to collect as many ingredients around the place as possible. Experimenting in the Creation tab is our favorite way to come up with new concoctions that can buff you for your adventures ahead.