How To Unlock Robomando In Risk of Rain Returns (Secret Survivor Guide)

The Robomando is a character you can unlock in Risk of Rain Returns, who is not on the roster, and this guide shows you how to do it.


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There are multiple characters you can unlock as you progress through Risk of Rain Returns. Many of these characters are listed on the main roster screen, but there is a hidden one you can unlock called the Robomando.

The Robomando is a hidden character the development team did not share with the community. Instead, they let them figure it out, and solve how to unlock this character. Thankfully, the process is not too complicated, but it is specific, and it can be time-consuming. Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock the Robomando in Risk of Rain Returns.

All Steps to Unlock The Robomando in Risk of Rain Returns

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To unlock the Robomando, you’ll need to complete two different runs. For the first run, you’ll be going through the game as you normally do. However, you’ll need to use a character with a large amount of movement capabilities, and you want to make sure that they can reach large heights. The Loader or the Pilot are good choices, and it helps to have several Hopoo Feathers or to have the Photon Jetpack.

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Now, when you reach the Temple of the Elders, travel to the right or left side of the map with your Risk of Rain Returns character. You’re looking for a vase that your character can interact with it. When you do, it will drop an item called the Strange Battery. Now, make your way to the last mission, and you want to see out a hidden wall that reveals a small group of dancing golems.

You should be able to move through this wall and drop the Strange Battery at a chest where you found these golems. The chest will have red markings on it. From here, you need your character to perish or you need to complete the game. The choice is yours.

Now, on the second run, time will be crucial and you’ll want to be careful. On the second level of this new run, there should be a chest with red markings, similar to the one in the Risk of Rain Returns playthrough where you dropped off the Strange Battery. Interact with it again, and you’ll receive the Strange Battery as an item, and now you’ll need to quickly move through the rest of the game. Your goal should be to reach the third level’s teleport before it reaches 22 minutes, and you should go through before it reaches 23 minutes, starting the fourth level. The timing of this can be incredibly difficult to master.

During the fourth mission, track down a hidden room in your Risk of Rain Returns mission. The room moves around quite a bit, but you should be able to climb down a ladder above it to reach this area. You’ll encounter the Robomando in this room, and you can choose to fight against it, defeat it, or let it kill you. Regardless if you die or beat it, the Robomando will now be available in your Risk of Rain Returns roster.