How to unlock Rocket Racoon in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Ain’t nobody like him, but him.


One of the nicer surprises in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 is the inclusion of Rocket Racoon. Rocket isn’t a skin, as being that small in the game would be cheating. Rocket Racoon is actually a featured emote for the Groot skin. All the skins from the Battle Pass will have a featured emotion this season, something suitably heroic.

The emote will unlock when you reach Level 49 in the Battle Pass, and is called Battle Brothers. It is a throwback to a pretty classic scene from Guardians of the Galaxy where Groot and Rocket are fighting enemies in a prison, spinning around and shooting everything around them.

When you hit Level 49 the emote, you will also get some new challenges to complete, called Awakening Challenges. You need to finish these challenges to unlock the special Battle Brothers emote. One of the challenges requires you to plant a seed on a heart-shaped island while you are wearing your Groot skin. You can find this island on the left of the A-4 map tile. It is kind of hard to miss if you come at it from the air.

The second challenge is to emote at a friendship monument. You can find this monument on the coast near Sweaty Sands, just beside the destroyed Fort. You will find Hayman and Pipeman standing together, and you can emote between them to finish up the challenge.

Rocket will float along behind you after you use the emote, which is a very fun touch. Just don’t call him small.