How to unlock the Arkasodara tribal quests in Final Fantasy XIV

Hippos, elephants, and you.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.15 has added the Arkasodara tribal quests for players to earn reputation and rewards. This daily hub is a casual way to level discipline of war and magic jobs as the quests scale from 80 to 90 and give a decent chunk of experience. Unlocking the Arkasodara tribe quests is not a daunting task, but there is some work to do first.

Arkasodara tribal quests prerequisites

There are two prerequisite quest chains to complete before the Arkasodara tribal quests can be unlocked. The initial quest is titled Steppe Child and can be started by Ogul at X:25.6 Y:36.1 in Thavnair. The second prerequisite quest is titled What’s in a Parent and can be started from Yezahn at X:29.2 Y:15.3 at Palaka’s Stand in Thavnair. Players must have also completed the main story of Endwalker.

Arkasodara tribal quests unlock chain

You can pick up the starting quest Hippos Born to Run from Kancana at Yedlihmad in Thavnair at X25.3 Y:31.2. They have received reports of hippos running wild on the highroad and ask you to question the residents of Yedlihmad. The three can easily be found just outside the building. With new information in hand, you head to Trna at X:16.2 Y:25.5.

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After luring the hippo riders in with some food on the road, you solve the mystery and are sent back to Kancana. This new hippo-racing tribe is trying to find a place in Thavnair, and it’s decided that they will do delivery work. Of course, it’s up to you to help them get started.

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You speak with Trna just outside the building to take a piloted hippo cart to your destination at The Great Work. You are then given the chance to drive your own hippo cart back to Yedlihmad.

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You talk with Kancana again, and your new friends are given a trading post to start their business. Turning in the final quest at X:19.8 Y:28.1 in the Svarna trading post finishes the chain and allows access to the Arkasodara tribal quests.

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Players looking to earn more rewards in Patch 6.15 can do so through the custom delivery NPC Ameliance Leveilleur and Hildibrand quest chain.