How to unlock the Balaceras Criptograma Chart chest near Feroza in Far Cry 6

Ubisoft hid these pretty well.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Nearby the city of Feroza stands a criptograma chart chest within an area called the Balaceras. While other criptogramas are quite troubling to find, these charts are fairly easy to discover if you know where to look. There’s where we come in.

Just south of the town of Feroza, you will find a small community admiring the busted-up cars in the area. It’s also northwest of the Maria Marquessa Productions FND base that has likely been conquered by you already. Towards the front entrance, you will see the chest, left of what seems to be a small toilet shack. It’s on top of a stone brick stack. Once interacted with, you will be tasked to find two charts.

Chart Numero Uno

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first is quite deceptive. From the box, go right and turn left of the brown shipping container. Keep going forward until you see a vertical and ridged metal plate and two palettes of wood. Using the right analog stick, slice the wood until it breaks. Crawl in and you’ll see the chart placed behind you. Ubisoft is so sneaky.

The car is next

Screenshot by Gamepur

This one is fairly easy to find. From the hole you just crawled out of, turn left. You’ll see a busted-up blue/green car with a zipline above it. You’ll see the chart near where the car door is supposed to be. Break through the wooden palette and obtain the chart.

Now, head back to the chest you saw before. It will now open. Be weary of other criptograma chart locations as they can be trickier like the ones around the El Dorado Cabins.