How to unlock the Diffindo spell in Hogwarts Legacy

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Hogwarts Legacy is filled with spells for you to track down and learn. While some of these spells will come from your daily classes and story quests, others come from side quests that are easy to overlook. The Diffindo spell is one of those spells you get by completing an assignment for one of your teachers. Specifically, you need to complete Professor Sharp’s second assignment to obtain this spell. This guide will show you how to unlock the Diffindo spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2 in Hogwarts Legacy

Just like the Depulso spell, you will learn the Diffindo spell from Professor Sharp but only after completing one of his assignments. Each of his assignments focuses on obtaining and using potions to see the various effects that they have. During his second assignment, you must obtain two potions, an Invisibility Potion, and a Thunderbrew Potion.

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Obtaining these potions isn’t very difficult, you can purchase them by going to Hogsmeade and visiting Mr. Pippin. Of course, purchasing the potions will cost you over 1,000 Galleon so be prepared for the hefty price tag. You can also purchase the recipes for these potions from him but it will cost almost the same amount. If you decide to brew these potions, you will need the following ingredients and a potions station:

  • Invisibility Potion Recipe – 1 Leaping Toadstool Cap, 1 Knotgrass Sprig, 1 Troll Bogey
  • Thunderbrew Potion Recipe – 1 Leech Juice, 1 Shrivelfig Fruit, 1 Stench of the Dead
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Once you have both potions, you will need to perform a specific action with each. For the Invisibility Potion, you simply need to drink it. For the Thunderbrew Potion, you need to use it during combat to damage enemies. Once you have completed both tasks, go to the Potions Classroom and talk to Professor Sharp to learn the Diffindo spell. There is a practice dummy in the classroom if you wish to practice a bit before using it during combat.