How to unlock the Dig Deep nails in Forspoken

Give your surge magic a boost.

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As you explore the far reaches of Athia in Forspoken, you will find various pieces of gear that will enhance Frey’s abilities and allow her to take on stronger foes. There are three types of gear that you can equip; necklaces, nails, and cloaks. To obtain these items, you will need to go out of your way and face fearsome foes, delve into ruins, and take over fortresses. One of the nail designs you can get is called Dig Deep and it is great for those who rely on surge magic to defeat enemies. This guide will show you how to unlock the Dig Deep nails in Forspoken.

Where to find the Dig Deep nails in Forspoken

Most of the gear you obtain in Forspoken will come from the side content called detours like world bosses, labyrinths, and towns. You can tell what type of reward you will get by the symbol that appears on the detour. To obtain the Dig Deep nails, you need to make your way to the section of Praenost called The Guardian’s Way. Once there, head to the southern portion of the area to find Fort Wielki. This fort is located next to Locked Labyrinth: Barrier.

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Fort Wielki is a fortress in Praenost that is filled with enemies. Your goal in the area is to eliminate all of the enemies within the fort. There are enemies scattered throughout the entire fort but luckily they are fairly easy to take down. Once they are all defeated, you will automatically be rewarded with the Dig Deep nails.

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The Dig Deep nails, like other nails in the game, have abilities that cannot be removed or changed. These nails improve the rate at which your surge magic recharges. This is great for those who use surge magic frequently and is great for the beginning of the game since surge magic is the most powerful type you can use. These nails also decrease the amount of damage that you take by 5%.