How to unlock the Home Sweet Hell necklace in Forspoken

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Forspoken is filled with gear for you to find that can enhance Frey’s abilities and make her stronger. Combining different pieces of gear and using various upgrades can help you truly define your build so that it fits your playstyle. One of the most powerful necklaces you can get your hands on in the game is called Home Sweet Hell and it is one of Frey’s own designs. This guide will show you how to get the Home Sweet Hell necklace in Forspoken.

Where to find the Home Sweet Hell necklace in Forspoken

Necklaces are just one of the three gear types that you can get in Forspoken and they are one of the most important. The Home Sweet Hell necklace is one that you won’t be able to get until you are nearing the end of the game. To obtain this necklace, you need to start by finding the Curiosity Shop. This shop is found in the Inner Visoria section of Visoria and is represented by a double arrow symbol on the map.

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Once you reach the Curiosity Shop, you will need to purchase the Sewing Kit. This item costs 64 Old Coins. If you don’t have enough Old Coins, you can collect them all over the map. The Sewing Kit will allow you to craft the Home Sweet Hell necklace at any crafting table around the map as long as you have the necessary materials. Home Sweet Hell requires the following materials to make:

  • 3 Fluteblossom
  • 3 Bumbershoot
  • 3 Lucid Garland

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The Home Sweet Hell Necklace comes with three upgrades already applied to it:

  • Stamina is boosted when attack magic is used while parkouring
  • Killer blows deal more damage
  • Recover from defenselessness more quickly

If you don’t need these upgrades, you can always change them so the necklace better fits your play style. This necklace offers an increase to your magic types and health, making it a great gear item to use at the end of the game if not one of the best.