How Locked Labyrinths work in Forspoken

What lies beneath the surface?

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Forspoken is filled with side content for you to explore and items for you to discover. With the world being shattered by The Break, many of the structures have turned into ruins that house ancient artifacts and deadly beasts. As you venture into the unknown, you will discover detours called Locked Labyrinths. These large underground structures are home to some difficult challenges but also give some of the best rewards. This guide will show you everything you need to know about Lost Labyrinths in Forspoken.

How to find and complete Locked Labyrinths in Forspoken

All of theĀ side content in Forspoken is called detours. You can visit these optional areas to get extra rewards, crafting materials, and Mana. Locked Labyrinths are just one of the many different detours you can find throughout the world of Athia. These structures appear as large cages with energy pools in the center. Once you discover one of the Labyrinths, walk into the center of the energy pool and press the interact button to enter it.

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Locked Labyrinths are one of the many ways to test your combat capabilities in Forspoken. Each Labyrinth has rooms of enemies that you can fight to gain rewards. Think of it as a gauntlet of enemies you must fight to reach a boss. When the boss is defeated, you will earn a reward. After each room of enemies, you will encounter an obelisk like the one in the image above. These allow you to leave the Labyrinth at any time.

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After defeating all the enemies in a Labyrinth, you will enter a room with a boss fight. The boss is typically pretty difficult, so make sure you bring plenty of Healing Draughts in case you take damage. Once you defeat the boss, enter the final room to get some treasure, Mana, and learn a little about the world of Athia.