How to unlock the Expelliarmus spell in Hogwarts Legacy

Even the most basic spells can be effective.

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Hogwarts Legacy is filled with spells for you to learn that any fan of the wizarding world should know. You can find every spell from Incendio to the unforgivable curses. Of course, one of the more basic spells that any witch or wizard should know is Expelliarmus, also known as the disarming spell. This spell allows you to break an opponent’s guard and disarm them, granting an opening to attack with more destructive spells. This guide will show you how to unlock the Expelliarmus spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 in Hogwarts Legacy

To obtain the Expelliarmus Spell, you first need to complete a few tasks for Professor Hecat. These tasks aren’t difficult but may take you a bit of time to complete. Luckily, you can combine them with other quests to accomplish more at one time. The quest for this spell will appear after you have completed your Herbology and Potions classes asking you to achieve the following tasks for Professor Hecat:

  • Successfully avoid enemy attacks by dodge rolling 10 times
  • Cast Incendio on enemies 5 times
  • Attend a Defense Against the Dark Arts class during the day
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To easily complete these tasks, you can go to the Dueling Club and fight against some of the students there. This will give you the perfect opportunity to go toe to toe with enemies without needing to track them down in the Forbidden Forest or Hogs Field. Of course, if you want more of a challenge than the Dueling Club, you can always head south and find a side quest or two to take on that will allow you to fight some enemies.

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Once you have completed the tasks, go to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom in Hogwarts and you will automatically attend class when walking into the classroom. After the class is complete, talk to Professor Hecat and she will teach you how to use the Expelliarmus spell. You can practice it on the dummy in the classroom if needed. Keep your eye out for other useful spells like Glacius as you explore the school.