How to unlock the Expert Duty Roulette in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker

Earn more Allagan Tomestone of Aphorism after beating Endwalker.

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Upon completing the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker expansion Main Scenario quest, your next goal will be to focus on preparing for the additional dungeons and trials set to arrive in the future. In addition, you’ll want to increase your character’s Job item levels and make them stronger, giving you a better chance of earning some of the best rewards in the game. This guide will cover how to unlock the Expert Duty Roulette in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker.

You can only begin working on unlocking the Expert Duty Roulette after you’ve completed all of the Endwalker Main Scenario quests. After you do this, you need to speak to two NPCs in Old Sharlayan, Jammingway at coordinates (X:11.0, Y:13.7) and Loporrit (X:11.7, Y:11.4). These two offer you the quests called Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before and Cutting the Cheese, respectively. Follow these questlines to unlock the level 90 dungeons Stigma Dreamscape and Smileton.

After you complete both of those dungeons once, the Expert Duty Roulette will be added to your Duty Roulette. Once a day, you can go through the Expert Duty Roulette with a level 90 Job to complete any of the Expert dungeons offered in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. In addition, you’ll receive additional Allagan Tomestone of Aphorism, giving you the chance to turn them in for additional weapons and equipment for your level 90 Job.