How to unlock the Grandmaster Armor Blacksmith in The Witcher 3

Get the best Grandmaster armor sets in The Witcher 3 from this vendor.

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The Grandmaster Armor Blacksmith is a vendor available in the Blood and Wine expansion of The Witcher 3. This blacksmith is different from the others in the game as they can craft Grandmaster armor sets. These Grandmaster armor sets are simply the best you can get in the game, as they are made specifically for Witchers. They offer a massive boost to the stats and can cater to a specific playstyle for Geralt. That’s why it is essential to find this blacksmith. So, here’s how you can unlock the Grandmaster Armor Blacksmith in The Witcher 3.

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Where to find the Grandmaster Armor Blacksmith in The Witcher 3

The Grandmaster Armor Blacksmith in the game is Lazare Lafargue, and he is located in the Hauteville region of Beauclaire. Lazare Lafargue sells common and rare gear found in other blacksmith shops, but crafting Grandmaster Armor sets are where he excels. You can simply explore and find the Grandmaster Armor Blacksmith’s shop. An icon showing the shop is present on the map.

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Another way is through the ‘Master Master Master Master!’ side quest. You will receive this side quest if you find at least one Grandmaster armor diagram out in the open or through a notice board in Toussaint where the blacksmith asks for help. This side quest will task you with finding the craft of Grandmaster armor blacksmith.

When you reach the location, you’ll find a beautifully designed multi-storied building. The Grandmaster Armor Blacksmith is located on the second floor.

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After meeting the blacksmith, Geralt will ask about the contract and the five Witcher schools. He also mentions his ambition to become a Grandmaster armor blacksmith, like his teacher.

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To help Lafargue in achieving his ambition, he’ll send you on a scavenger hunt in finding the armor sets of all five schools:

  • Grandmaster Feline Gear
  • Grandmaster Griffin Gear
  • Grandmaster Manticore Gear
  • Grandmaster Ursine Gear
  • Grandmaster Wolven Gear

Finding all the diagrams of one Witcher school and bringing them to him will complete the ‘Master Master Master Master!’ side quest. Through this, Lazare Lafargue will become a Grandmaster Armor blacksmith and, as such, will unlock Grandmaster armor crafting. After that, you can bring the remaining diagrams to him and craft these sets at your will.