How to unlock the Guerrilla Wetsuit in Hitman 3

It’s time for a new wetsuit, 47.


Image via IO Interactive

Agent 47 has a plethora of suits that he can wear while taking down targets around the world. You unlock more as you progress through each location’s mastery level, giving you a wardrobe that ranges from suits you’d wear to extremely formal affairs, to those suits you’re embarrassed to talk about. This guide explains how to unlock the Guerrilla Wetsuit, the second wetsuit in Hitman 3, so you can disguise yourself as a covert surfer dude.

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How do you get the Guerrilla Wetsuit?

Image via PlayStation

The Guerrilla Wetsuit is a reward you can get from Ambrose Island in Hitman 3. This is the location added to the game for free as part of its Year Two July roadmap. The Guerrilla Wetsuit is your reward for reaching Mastery Level 20 on Ambrose Island. This doesn’t line up with how you unlock the other wetsuit in the game but makes sense as a top tier reward for the most dedicated players. The resulting tasks that you must complete include taking out two targets and completing all objectives on Ambrose Island before exiting the mission and complete every challenge you possibly can to earn enough experience to reach this Mastery Level. The suit will be awarded to you at the end of the mission screen once you reach Mastery Level 20.

How to equip the Guerrilla Wetsuit

Screenshot by Gamepur

You equip the Guerrilla Wetsuit like any other suit. When you’re in the planning screen for a mission, select the suit from your wardrobe of disguises before hitting the Play button. This will ensure that Agent 47 starts the mission in the suit, meaning you can enjoy it and the effort you made to earn it every second you play the game. This is actually one of the more appropriate suits for an assassin, giving the impression that Agent 47 swam to the location and is ready to leave the same way.