How to unlock the Magnetic Pulse Relic in Tower of Fantasy

Tick, tick, boom!

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There are plenty of relics in Tower of Fantasy for you to try out. The game has relics that will help you defeat enemies in combat, traverse the map with ease, and interact with objects to get rewards. The Magnetic Pulse Relic is just one of the many you can obtain in Tower of Fantasy and one that you might not want to miss out on. The only problem is finding it.

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How to get the Magnetic Pulse Relic in Tower of Fantasy

There are some relics that you need to complete Ruin dungeons to obtain, and then there are those you have to embark on quests to get your hands on. The Magnetic Pulse Relic is unlocked by either of those methods, instead, you need to explore the map. Specifically, you need to explore the Navia region.

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As you explore the different areas of the map, you will obtain Exploration Points for whichever region you are in. As you get points, you will obtain various rewards. To obtain the Magnetic Pulse Relic, you need to gather 660 Exploration Points in the Navia region. You can obtain these points by completing Ruin dungeons, discovering Supply Pods, unlocking Spacerifts, and more. Just keep exploring and eventually, you will get enough points to unlock the relic.

What does the Magnetic Pulse Relic do in Tower of Fantasy?

The Magnetic Pulse Relic is one of the relics that is meant to be used in combat. This relic is noticeably weaker than others you can obtain but still a viable option thanks to its ability. The Magnetic Pulse Relic detonates a bomb that deals 38.8% of ATK and launches enemies into the air. This relic also grants you immunity to hitstun for five seconds after activation. You can use this relic once every 35 seconds.