How to unlock the Magnetic Storm Relic in Tower of Fantasy

Unleash a storm of epic proportions.

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There are a lot of different relics to choose from in Tower of Fantasy. Each of them possesses a power that will either help you in combat, make traversing the map easier, or allow you to uncover hidden secrets. The Magnetic Storm relic is a strange relic that looks like a headband or waistband. Though it might look simple, the Magnetic Storm relic is a powerful device that can easily help you turn the tide in a battle.

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How to unlock the Magnetic Storm relic in Tower of Fantasy

Some relics in the game are unlocked by completing Ruin dungeons and others are unlocked as part of the story. The Magnetic Storm relic isn’t unlocked by either of those methods. Instead, exploration is the key to unlocking this powerful item.

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To unlock the Magnetic Storm relic, you will need to explore the Astra region. There isn’t any specific thing you need to do to obtain the relic, rather, you need to earn enough Exploration Points to get the relic as a reward. You can get Exploration Points by completing the Ruin dungeons, opening Supply Pods for the first time, defeating mini-bosses, and interacting with special flora at points of interest. When you reach 700 points, you will unlock the relic.

What does the Magnetic Storm relic do?

The Magnetic Storm relic is meant to be used in combat. When used, this relic unleashes an electric tornado that travels around the battlefield. Each time it hits an enemy the tornado deals 180% ATK damage each second, making this relic something for the enemies to fear. You can activate this relic once every 100 seconds.