How to unlock the Nornir Chest in The River Pass Ruined Marketplace in God of War

The first Nornir chest you can find in The River Pass in God of War.

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When entering The River Pass in God of War, you’ll be making your way through the ruined marketplace to reach the bridge that you fell from to resume your path. Along the way, after fighting a Revenant for the first time, you’ll encounter a Nornir chest. You’ll need to find and destroy the three seals preventing you from unlocking it. This guide will cover how to open the Nornir Chest in The River Pass Ruined Marketplace in God of War.

The first rune you can find to the left of the bridge you need to destroy. You’ll need to toss your axe across the ravine to shatter it. You may need to angle it slightly higher than a straight path to destroy it properly. The rune is in the shape of an R.

The second one is to the right of the chest. You should see it in the rubble. It will be shaped like an N.

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The third and final rune is a little tricky to locate. You’ll want to do a small amount of backtracking to the location where you entered. To the left, you’ll be able to look over the bridge, and the rune will be nestled in the rubble across the way. Similar to the first rune, you’ll want to aim your axe at a slight upward arc to shatter the rune.

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After you have all three runes, return to the chest to claim your prize. You will find an Iðunn Apple inside.