How to unlock the Quantum Cloak in Tower of Fantasy

Slip into the Quantum Realm with this relic.

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Tower of Fantasy isn’t just about trying to get new characters to fill out your roster. There are also plenty of equipment options to help you create the best possible roster for your play style. Relics are powerful pieces of equipment that need to be hunted down or forged by players, so they can take a lot of work to get your hands on. One of these, the Quantum Cloak, is incredibly useful, but you’ll need to do some grinding to get your hands on it. If you’re wondering how to get the Quantum Cloak in Tower of Fantasy, here is everything you need to know.

Where to find The Quantum Cloak in Tower of Fantasy, and what it does

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The Quantum Cloak is one of the more valuable relics in Tower of Fantasy, allowing players to become invisible to enemies for a short period after activating it. This can help get you out of challenging situations when enemies have surrounded you, but it can also allow you to get into a better strategic position on the battlefield. There aren’t many situations where being invisible isn’t a huge advantage, so players will understandably want to get their hands on this powerful relic.

How do you get the Quantum Cloak? You need to collect 20 Quantum Cloak shards in Tower of Fantasy to earn the item — and there are a few ways to do that. If you are patient and fortunate, you might get them from Relic shard boxes or as a random reward for completing challenges in Claire’s Dream Machine.

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Where is Lady Lucia in Tower of Fantasy

However, the most reliable way to collect Quantum Cloak shards is to fight Lady Lucia. Lucia is a world boss that is around level 40, so she’s no pushover. She is located in the Rose Garden area of the Crown region, as shown in the map above. You’ll want to get a group together to help you tackle her. Remember that she only has a chance to drop Quantum Cloak shards, so it will likely take a while to get the 20 shards needed to create the cloak. Take her down, and you’ll have a chance at getting lots of good gear and achievement for your troubles.