How to unlock the Ripe for the Picking achievement/trophy in Hitman 3

These kills are perfectly in season.

Hitman 3 is built upon the idea of giving the player a playground where they can continuously play the same map over and over again to find new ways to eliminate their targets. That same idea transfers over to some achievements in the game, which often require players to take out the victim(s) in three different ways. The Ripe for the Picking achievement takes place in Mendoza, where the Farewell mission takes place. It requires you to kill Vidal with the grape crusher, poison Yates with the 1945 Grand Paladin, and eliminate both with gas. You will need to play the level multiple times for this achievement and explore to unlock it. Here is how to unlock the Ripe for the Picking achievement/trophy in Hitman 3.

Before we begin with this guide, we are not going for any silent assassin rankings. We are only focusing on meeting the needed criteria, so we do not recommend going for this on your first run. Do a normal playthrough or two of the level so you can become familiar with the surroundings and come back to this guide.

Before we get to the kills, we need to do a little setup. At the beginning of the mission, walk down the pathway below where Agent 47 gets the party invitation from Diana. You will come across two gauchos. Take them out and steal one of their disguises. From here, go down one more level and turn to the left to find an emetic poison flower near a cactus and pick it up.

Continue going down the path, and you will find the level’s grape field. Go into the shed here, and you will find a setup of scientific equipment where you can create a lethal poison vial. Save your game at this spot.

Now onto the kills. To kill Vidal with the grape crusher, you will need to follow the Tour mission. We already have done a guide on that, follow that it until the tour guide asks if you have any questions. Lead the party up the stairs to the giant silver bowl with the spinning spikes in them and ask about it. After a little bit, Diana will turn on a radio and distract the guide and the nearby worker. Take this opportunity to push Vidal into the crusher.

From the previous kill, finish out the Tour mission. The guide will lead you and Diana to the barrel room where Yates will enter and take Diana with him. From here, the game will unlock a new mission called Closing Statement. Essentially, you need to follow this mission until you present the 1945 Grand Paladin to the secret meeting disguised as the sommelier.

After you place the bottle, the guard who led you into the room will pick it up and begin pouring glasses for everyone. Once Yates’ glass is filled, you can poison it. As of this writing, we could not find a way to do this without being spotted. Run to the bottle and poison it and quickly run out of the room so you can knock out and steal a disguise to get rid of your compromised status. The group will scatter and go into lockdown, but they will return and continue the meeting after a while of no action. Once Diana is taken away, they will agree on a story to cover themselves, and Yates will eventually drink the poisoned wine.

For the final kill method, we will need to do an alternate version of the Tour mission. Reload the save slot you made earlier after creating the poison. In your gaucho disguise, you will enter the wine factory and go up the stairs behind the worker looking at his clipboard. There is a guard and a worker up here that you will need to get rid of. After taking them out, drop them into the small hole in the corner and put your poison into the vent system here. Do not start the machine yet.

After doing the above, the mission will change, so instead of disguising yourself as Corvo, you need to take the tour guide’s place. Wait for him to travel to the location where you need to deliver the three grapevines to him. As he is talking, go to a nearby generator and start it. This will distract the worker, who will come turn it off. Hide behind the wall of grapes and subdue him once he kicks the generator. Hide him in the nearby chest and do the same thing, except this time, the tour guide will kick the generator. Hide him in the same chest and take his disguise.

Now you need to lead the tour of Diana, Corvo, and Vidal. Meet up with them and lead them to the three main tour locations. Technically you can use these opportunities to kill Vidal with the grape crusher or other areas like in the usual run of The Tour, but we need her alive for now, so only focus on the central locations.

Lead the group into the barrel room, and save your game in case you mess up the next step. You will finish the mission as Yates comes into the room. Right away at this moment, turn around and run for the glass doors on the right side of the room.

These lead to the vent system you poisoned earlier. Activate the vents and run up the staircase. You will be trespassing here in your tour disguise, so be careful to avoid detection or run very fast. At the top, go left, and you will find a security location. Move to the right in here, and you will find a glass wall overlooking where the tour group is and a console. Interact with the computer and select Ventilate Barrel Room.

This will disperse the poison into the room, killing everyone, including Diana, if you were fast enough. You will fail the mission, but unlock the achievement and the challenges for this feat.