How to unlock The Ruby Rude Track Suit in Hitman 3

A distinctive yet sharp new look for you, 47.


Image via IO Interactive

The Ruby Rude Track Suit is a suit Agent 47 can earn and then wear in any mission in Hitman 3. It’s based on the decal of the same name used for a few weapons throughout the Hitman Trilogy, but this is the first item that brings it to an outfit. This guide explains how to unlock The Ruby Rude Track Suit, so you can look as fabulous as possible in every location.

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How do you get The Ruby Rude Track Suit?

Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock The Ruby Rude Track Suit, you need to complete one of the two Elusive Target Arcade missions added to Hitman 3 as part of its August Year Two roadmap. This means you’ll need to take on either The Dyads or The Diabolicals. Both Elusive Target Arcade missions contain an Elusive Target from Hitman 1, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3, meaning you’ll need to own all three games to complete them. The Ruby Rude Track Suit will be awarded to you on the end screen of the final target in either mission. Note that you must complete all three Elusive Targets from one of these missions in order to unlock the suit. If you only complete one or two, the suit will remain just out of your reach.

Once you’ve unlocked The Ruby Rude Track Suit, you can equip it like any other. When you’re in the planning stage of a mission, you can select the new suit from your wardrobe and have Agent 47 start the mission in it. The only times this won’t be possible is when you have a set loadout or starting location that requires a specific outfit. Obviously, the best place to use this suit is in Paris, where there’s a catwalk for you to show it off in style.