How to unlock the Sai in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone

It’s cool but crude.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Sai

Image via Activision

For people out there who happen to be a fan of a certain red-masked turtle, the idea of using a Sai as a melee weapon in your favorite video games is never far from your thoughts. As a melee weapon in Call of Duty, you don’t need to worry about stats, only looks.

The Sai is sleek and deadly, and will certainly get the job done when it comes to ending the lives of your fellow players.

Multiplayer and Warzone Unlock Challenge

In Multiplayer or Warzone, you will need to get some sneaky kills. Using a Melee weapon, you need to kill an enemy without receiving returning fire in 15 different completed matches. This means you will need to sneak up on them and take them out without taking any damage from them. You will also need to do it in a total of 15 matches, and you cannot leave those matches early once the challenge is complete for that particular match.

Zombies Unlock Challenge

Zombies players have a very different challenge that they can complete. Using a primary Melee weapon, the need to earn 150 Butcher Medals (5 rapid Melee kills). This is not that hard to do, as you can have the zombies trail you until five of them are lined up, then rapidly melee them all down.