How to unlock the Sapphire, Topaz, and Zero Point skins in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

Prepare to grind.


Image via Epic Games

Once again, Fortnite has hidden skin styles in Chapter 2 Season 5. You will start unlocking these after you hit rank 100 on your Battle Pass and have unlocked all the season skins and items.

They come in three different variants for each of the Battle Pass skins, except The Mandalorian. To unlock all of them, you will need to hit Rank 225. The season lasts from December 2 until March 16 next year, which means it is 104 days long. As such, you will need to level up by a little more than 2 ranks each day.

This might seem daunting, but challenges are plentiful this season, although we have yet to see any Supercharged XP come our way. There are a range of challenges available each day, rewarding anywhere from 1000 to 20000 XP, so as long as you are knocking them out while you play, should be able to get all these skin variants if you are dedicated to the task.


  • Sapphire Style: Level 110
  • Topaz Style: Level 160
  • Zero Point Style: Level 205


  • Sapphire Style: Level 120
  • Topaz Style: Level 170
  • Zero Point Style: Level 210


  • Sapphire Style: Level 130
  • Topaz Style: Level 180
  • Zero Point Style: Level 215


  • Sapphire Style: Level 140
  • Topaz Style: Level 190
  • Zero Point Style: Level 220


  • Sapphire Style: Level 150
  • Topaz Style: Level 200
  • Zero Point Style: Level 225

If we learn about any other characters that have Sapphire, Topaz, or Zero Point skins, we will update this guide.