How to unlock the Tactical Wetsuit in Hitman 3

Take this 47, it’s cold out there.


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The Tactical Wetsuit is a new disguise that Agent 47 can wear in any mission and location in Hitman 3. However, you’ll have to complete a specific task before you can start putting this requirement on your Contracts. This guide covers how to unlock the Tactical Wetsuit so you can add it to 47’s wardrobe as soon as possible.

How to unlock the Tactical Wetsuit

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To unlock the Tactical Wetsuit, you need to start the Halloween-themed Escalation The Wells Reverie. This Escalation was added to Hitman 3 for free for all players. It takes you to a Hitman 2 location, Hawke’s Bay, but it has a distinctly Halloween feel to it. There are pumpkins and gravestones everywhere, as well as guards to stop you and a target that you need to take down.

The Tactical Wetsuit is locked behind The Mills Reverie Feat. You need to start the Escalation to complete it, but you don’t need to finish it. The disguise will drop as a reward as soon as you complete the first level of the Escalation. So if this is all you want from it, you don’t need to work that hard at all. The first level is always the easiest, and in this case, it’ll take you about five minutes.