How to unlock the ZRG 20mm in Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

Snipe from afar.

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Image via Activision

A new sniper rifle has made its way to both Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. The ZRG 20mm is up for grabs, but will take a little work for players to get their hands on it.

To get the ZRG 20mm, players will need to earn 2 Longshot Medals in 10 different matches while using a sniper rifle. These can be earned in either Warzone, or Black Ops multiplayer. Black Ops multiplayer is arguably the easier way to earn them, due to the number of engagements players can get in over the course of a single round.

Keep in mind, you cannot just grab your Longshot medals then leave, you will need to complete the matches for the progress to register on this challenge. All you really need to do is post up with a sniper rifle in a position with a long line of line, then start popping heads in any Call of Duty multiplayer mode.

For players who just want access to the ZRG 20mm without the fuss of complete a challenge, there is a bundle available in the in-game store. For 1,200 COD Points, you get the Big Shot blueprint for the ZRG 20mm, a charm, an emblem, and a sticker.

The ZRG 20mm is a little more forgiving than some other sniper rifles in the game thanks to a faster bullet speed, but it also has a lower rate of fire. The weapon should guarantee a one-shot kill with a shot to the head, shoulders, torso, or stomach.