How to upgrade player ratings in The Yard for Madden 23

Gain a better reputation to become a Hall of Fame worthy player.

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Although Madden 23’s The Yard may be a bit on the arcade-y side, player ratings still factor into how much success you’ll see on the field. The street football mode allows you to boost everything from your catching abilities, strength, and other major positional attributes. This can be done by collecting Skill Points, a currency that is arguably the most important in the game. Here’s how to earn Skill Points and upgrade your player in The Yard.

How to get Skill Points and higher ratings in The Yard for Madden 23

Skill Points can be obtained just by playing The Yard or The League and leveling up your character. Every game will lend you Rep (or XP) toward your next position level and reaching a new level results in additional Skill Points. These points can then be spent in the Customize menu’s Upgrade Skills tab. However, they can only boost the ratings of the position you have earned them for. So, if you upgrade your attributes at cornerback, your ratings at other positions will remain the same.

As shown below, each skill tree menu also provides the option to see how many Skill Points you will earn at your next level. It also displays how much more Rep you need to obtain them. Every level that follows will require you to earn more Rep than the last, though expect to gain large amounts of Rep when you perform at a high level each game.

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Aside from Skill Points, the leveling path for each position even rewards X-Factors, abilities that increase your chance of pulling off big plays. On defense, X-Factors primarily help you get interceptions and turnovers, while offensive players are more likely to go for big yardage gains.