How to upgrade Sacred Flasks in Elden Ring

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Screenshot by Gamepur via Bandai Namco YouTube

Sacred Flasks are one of the most important items you will have access to in Elden Ring. You will get them extremely early in the game and will be reliant on them for survival throughout your adventures.

The Flask of Crimson Tears will restore your health, while the Flask of Cerulean Tears will restore your Focus Points that are used to cast spells and use abilities.

How to upgrade your Sacred Flasks

There are two types of upgrades for your Sacred Flasks. First, you can upgrade how many charges you have. This dictates how many times you can use them, and will be refilled every time you rest at a Site of Grace. You can also get charges back after taking out groups of enemies, and by destroying the small red balls pushed around some areas by beatles. To do this, you need Golden Seeds that can be found in very specific areas of the map.

The Golden Seeds can always be found at small golden trees that are dotted all around the game’s world. The first one you are likely to find in Elden Ring is near Stormgate, past a terrifying troll and some smaller enemies. You can also pick one as your Keepsake when you are starting the game.

The other type of upgrade is improving how much health or FP you will get back with each use. This is done by finding an item called Sacred Tears that are also found all over the map. You will need to search long and hard to track them all down, but many of them will appear on well-traveled routes.