How to upgrade the Automaton functions in Biomutant – best Automaton Abilities

A useful device.

Image via Experiment 101

In Biomutant, players will be accompanied on their adventures by the Automaton, a small mechanical grasshopper that will act as a friend and ally over the course of the game. Even better, the Automaton can be upgrade over the course of the game, and new abilities can be unlocked.

Doing so is actually very easy, players simply need to play through the game and level up their character. As they rise through the levels, they will occasionally see a large bear NPC in the distance that will appear randomly. This leads to a quest called Mirage, where players need to walk over to and interact with this NPC to begin a brief flashback. Each time they do, a new Automaton ability can be unlocked.

  • Health Injector – Activate the Automaton’s heal function in the consumable favourites radial wheel. This ability has a cooldown.
  • Power-up – Activate the Automaton’s Boost function in the consumable radial wheel to boost your damage output. It can be used again after a set amount of time.
  • Airglider – To use the Automaton’s Glider wings, jump off at a high elevation and then press and hold the jump button while in the air. Pitching down will increase the speed.
  • Turret – The Automaton’s turret function is automatically activated whenever you enter combat.

Which one you go for is up to you, and what you are struggling with in the game. We went for Airglider first to increase our speed when traveling and exploring. If you are struggling to survive fights, the Health Injector is a great idea, and the Turret is a solid option if you prefer to fight at range.