How to upgrade your weapons in The Callisto Protocol

Upgrade your arsenal.

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The Callisto Protocol is a survival horror game that questions your sanity as you try to survive in Black Iron Prison. No survival horror game would be complete without an arsenal of weapons to use to fight back against your foes. While you may start with a crowbar, this will quickly change to a Stun Baton and even firearms. Of course, you will eventually need to upgrade these weapons as the enemies grow stronger. This guide will show you how to upgrade your weapons in The Callisto Protocol.

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How Reforge Stations work in The Callisto Protocol

Upgrading your weapons is important in The Callisto Protocol, especially when the enemies begin to get stronger and your weapons grow weaker. Starting in the second chapter, labeled “Aftermath,” you can upgrade your weapons using a special machine called a Reforge Station. Once you get through the chapter tagged “Outbreak,” you will meet up with Elias, and he will give you the handle for the Hand Cannon. This is the first firearm you get in the game. He will then point you to the Reforge Station in the room.

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When you interact with the Reforge Station, you will only have one option, which is to build the Hand Canon. Once that is done, you will get a short cutscene. Afterward, you can start upgrading your weapons any time you come across a Reforge Station. All you need to do is interact with the station, and a menu will appear. This menu lets you choose between the weapons you have obtained and what upgrade you wish you apply. Similar to other games, each weapon has an upgrade tree, and you must obtain one upgrade at a time to make your way up the tree.

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Each upgrade you wish to apply to a weapon costs Callisto Credits, which can be obtained by selling items at the Reforge Station or collecting them off defeated foes or from supply crates. Reforge Stations can also be used to craft ammo for your firearms and Health Injectors should you run low on health. Make sure to save your credits, so you have them when they are needed.