How to use a Matrix Lab in Dyson Sphere Program

Craft some little blue cubes.

Image via Youthcat Studio

After a long session of right-clicking rocks, you may wonder what glass is used for in Dyson Sphere Program. Glass is used to make Matrix Labs. These labs are used to create and process Electromagnetic Matrices. These labs are invaluable as Electromagnetic Matrices are essential for research. This guide will walk you through how to use a Matrix Lab in Dyson Sphere Program.

Crafting a Matrix Lab

To craft a Matrix Lab, you must first research Electromagnetic Technology in the Technologies tree. This requires 10 Magnetic Coils and 10 Circuit Boards.

You will also need the Basic Logistics System technology. The Basic Logistics System technology is also used for moving ore into smelters, so grab it as soon as you can.

Once you have both technologies unlocked, you need to craft two Matrix Labs. These can be crafted with eight Iron Ingots, four stacks of glass, four Circuit Boards, and four Magnetic Coils. Glass can be created by refining rocks in your Replicator.

Setting up a Matrix Lab

Set two Matrix Labs down and connect them via a conveyor belt. Put one on Matrix mode and the other on Research mode.

For the structure in Matrix Mode, place a sorter on it and set it to Output. Do the same with the Research structure but set it to Input.

Now, supply the Matrix Mode structure with the necessary materials. Your Research structure should now be receiving Electromagnetic Matrices and processing them. Go into your Technologies menu and select what technology you wish to spend Electromagnetic Matrices on.

Be sure to produce as many Electromagnetic Matrices as possible, as you will need a significant amount for research.