How to collect soil in Dyson Sphere Program

Dig up some dirt.

Image via Youthcat Studio

Water can be a real pain in Dyson Sphere Program. You can’t build on it, and your mech consumes a ton of energy flying over it. Thankfully there is a way to fill up water tiles with soil. There is also a trick to getting soil without using many resources. This guide will walk you through how to get soil in Dyson Sphere Program.

How to craft Foundation

To collect soil effectively, you’ll need to unlock Environment Modification in the Technologies Menu. Environment Modifications will allow you to create Foundation. Foundation, when placed, digs up the soil around them. To create Foundations, you will need a Smelting Factory.

Where to dig

The first step is to find areas of the map that will give you the maximum amount of soil. Locate a spot on your planet that is elevated and with grass. These elevated spots will provide you with the most soil possible. Other areas, such as beaches, provide you with little to no soil.

Using Foundations or structures

Place a Foundation down onto the elevated tiles. You can Press + and – to change the Foundation’s size, but the small Foundations will give you the same amount of soil as the large ones.

If you don’t have the materials to create Foundations, you can also place any structure on the hill. This will give extract all of the soil in the area. It is often much more cost-efficient to place buildings rather than Foundations.

Creating land with soil

You can place Foundations on water tiles by simply pressing 9 to open up the Environment Modification menu and select Foundation. Setting Foundation on the water will consume the soil in your inventory. You can use Foundation on the water tiles to create land that you can build on.