How to charge your mecha without fuel in Dyson Sphere Program

Reach a power level over 9000.

In Dyson Sphere Program, everything requires energy to function, and your mecha is no exception. Coal is the best fuel in the early-game, but you’ll have to spend a significant amount of time farming it to keep your suit running at maximum capacity. Thankfully, there is a way to charge your mecha without using fuel. This guide will walk you through how to charge your mecha automatically in Dyson Sphere Program.

How to unlock

To charge your mecha without fuel, you’ll need a couple of upgrades unlocked in the Technology tree. You must have both Electromagnetism and High-efficiency Plasma Control unlocked. High-efficiency Plasma Control is trickier to research as it requires 50 Electromagnetic Matrixes. However, you can autonomously craft Electromagnetic Matrixes via a Matrix Lab.


Once you have the required Technologies unlocked, you’ll need to craft a Tesla Tower and some Wind Turbines to set up a power grid. Now that you have a power grid set up, you can build a Wireless Power Tower. To build a Wireless Power Tower, you will need one Tesla Tower and three Plasma Exciters. Plasma Exciters are crafted with four Magnetic Coils and two Assemblers.

Best locations

You can place the Wireless Power Tower anywhere in the power grid, and it will charge your suit without expending your fuel reserve. However, you must be standing directly next to the tower to get any charge. It’s a good idea to start placing these in areas where you will be crafting and spending most of your time. Because you can pick them up and move them for free, there’s no excuse to be caught crafting without one of these next to you.