How to smelt ore automatically in Dyson Sphere Program

Speed up your gameplay with a smelter.

Image via Youthcat Studio

Like every factory building game, Dyson Sphere Program can make hours feel like minutes. Dyson Sphere Program provides over 200 hours of content, but some players will initially get overwhelmed by the game’s complexity and quit. You may not know what to do after crafting your first Mining Machine. The optimal next step is to build a smelter. This guide will walk you through how to smelt ore automatically in Dyson Sphere Program.

Crafting a smelter

In Dyson Sphere Program, you can smelt ore manually in your Replicator. But if you want to speed up this process, you can build a smelter. To unlock the smelter, you must first research the Automatic Metallurgy technology in your Technologies menu. To complete this research, you will need 10 Circuit Boards and 10 Magnetic Coils. These can be crafted in your Replicator, accessible via the F key.

To get your smelter functioning, you will need conveyor belts and sorters. These can be unlocked under Basic Logistics System in the Technologies menu. To complete the research, you will need 10 Gears and 10 Circuit Boards.

Now that you have both of these technologies researched, you can place the components. Don’t worry about crafting a smelter or conveyor belt in your Replicator, as you get a few for free after completing the research.

Placing the smelter

Head over to one of your Mining Machines and inspect it. Make sure it’s extracting six ore, as that’s the optimal number. Open the Logistics menu, with 3 on your keyboard, and select Conveyor Belt MK.1. Extend the conveyor belt a few blocks away from the Mining Machine.

Place the smelter at the end of the conveyor Belt.

Now use a sorter to bridge the gap between the smelter and the conveyor belt.

Be sure to keep these components sufficiently powered to continue producing smelted ore.