How to get titanium in Dyson Sphere Program

Your ultimate guide to acquiring titanium in Dyson Sphere Program

In Dyson Sphere Program, players need to build their intergalactic factory. Building an efficient factory is quite a difficult task and they need to explore the vast space and gather a variety of resources. One of the most vital resources in the game is titanium. Here is all you need to know about getting titanium in Dyson Sphere Program.

What is the use of titanium in Dyson Sphere Program?

Titanium is used for a wide array of things, including building the Interstellar Logistics Systems. The Interstellar Logistic Station is used to transfer cargo from one planet to the other, and without it, you will have to transport cargo manually which is quite a hectic task. Apart from that, titanium is also used to make yellow matrix cubes, which is a key element in producing a wide range of tech.

Titanium Ore reserves

How to get titanium in Dyson Sphere Program

Now that you know how vital titanium is in Dyson Sphere Program, you must be wondering how you can gather enough of this resource. To obtain titanium in Dyson Sphere Program, players need to first collect titanium ores. Ores are a critical resource in Dyson Sphere Program, and it’s quite difficult to progress further in early game without some of these ores.

Unlike other ores, titanium is quite rare in the game, and in all likelihood, your planet won’t have an abundance of titanium. So the only way to gather large amounts of titanium is by traveling to other planets.

Universe Exploration allows you to view the resources on your planet

To be able to travel different planets, you need to ensure you have Mecha Sail ability. The Mecha Sail ability can be unlocked after upgrading your Drive Engine to Level 2. You can learn more about traveling to other planets in our guide here. Once you have Drive Engine Level 2, you need to have the Universe Exploration upgrade. This upgrade shows the resources on your planet, as well as other planets.

Once you have the Universe Exploration Level 2 upgrade, all you need to do is open the Starmap using the V key on the keyboard and search for planets with abundance of titanium ore. Simply travel to a planet which has a decent amount of titanium ore and then you are all set to to mine titanium.

Choose a planet with large volume of Titanium ore reserves

After reaching the planet, you need to set up a Mining Outpost to harvest titanium ore. Place the Mining Outpost in front of the resource node in such a way that it covers as many resource nodes as possible to start harvesting titanium. A mining machine will mine 0.5 ore per second per node, so if you place multiple mining machines, the output will increase.

You can use multiple mining machines to maximize output

Once you have collected enough titanium, you can head back to your planet and use the titanium to craft a wide variety of elements in the game. That being said, it is highly recommended that you start off by making the Interstellar Logistics Station given how useful it is.