How to travel to other planets in Dyson Sphere Program

Fly me to the moon.

In Dyson Sphere program, you’ll quickly realize that the materials on your planet are just not enough. Traveling to other planets is essential for advancing in Dyson Sphere Program. But, you’ll need to unlock a few things before you can leave your planet. This guide will walk you through how to travel to other planets in Dyson Sphere Program.

Unlocking Mecha Sail

You will need a Mecha Sail for space travel in Dyson Space Program. To unlock this, you will need to upgrade your Drive Engine to level 2. The issue is, the level 2 upgrade costs 200 Electromagnetic Matrices and 200 Energy Matrices. Electromagnetic Matrices can be acquired early in your playthrough by combining one Circuit Board with one Magnetic Coil. On the other hand, Energy Matrices are a bit harder to craft.

Crafting Energy Matrices

To unlock the ability to craft Energy Matrices, you will need to purchase the Energy Matrix upgrade in your Technologies menu. This research costs 200 Electromagnetic Matrices.

To craft an Energy Matrix, you will need two Graphite and two Hydrogen. You can get these materials quickly by unlocking X-ray Cracking. X-Ray Cracking will replicate your Hydrogen and give you an Energetic Graphite byproduct. You can also expedite your Energy Matrices crafting by crafting Matrix Labs and stacking them.

Preparing for space travel

Be sure to unlock Universe Exploration to see resources on other planets. Early on, you will need to stockpile a large amount of fuel for your flights, but once you upgrade your Solar Sail Life a few times, you can harvest the power of nearby stars. It’s also worth getting Drive Engine Lv4 as quickly as possible if you plan on space traveling often, as it unlocks the ability to warp.