How to research Electromagnetism and make Magnetic Coils in Dyson Sphere Program

Start at the beginning.

Dyson Sphere Program

When you first start playing Dyson Sphere Program, you may find yourself a little confused about the first steps you need to take. In this guide, we will walk you through your introduction to Replication, and Research. You will need to research Electromagnetism, but to do this you will need to make a very specific item.

To research Electromagnetism, open your Technology Tree by hitting the button that looks like a beaker in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will open up the Tech Tree, and the very first option will be Electromagnetism.

This will start the research process, but not actually gain any progress as you need to create the Magnetic Coils. The game does a poor job of explaining how to do this.

To make any item at the start of the game, you can open your Replicator menu. This is the hammer and cog button in the bottom right of the screen, or you can hit F on the keyboard. In Dyson Sphere Program, you can make any item and it will automatically manufacture the items you need to build it, as long as you have the resources.

The Magnetic Coil can be found on the second row in the Replicator grid and requires 2 Magnets and 1 Copper Ingot to make a single Magnetic Coil.

There will be Iron that you can mine near where you landed, and you will have received copper when you recycled your landing pod. Click on the Magnetic Coil to bring up the option to build it. The same hammer and cog icon will appear in the bottom right of the Fabricator menu. You need 10 Magnetic Coils for your Electromagnetism research, so build ten of them.

After that, the research will complete. This is the basic process for all research in the game, and you will need to find the correct resources to build the items you need each time you want to research a new node in the Technology Tree.