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How to use a zipline in Sons of the Forest

A great way to bridge a gap.

Sons of the Forest is filled with various items for you to craft, weapons for you to use, and ways for you to survive. When you need to bridge a gap or simply want a cooler way to leave your home, a zipline comes in handy. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting your hands on the zipline technology in the game right away. You will need to work hard to obtain and deal with a few mutants along the way. This guide will show you how to use a zipline in Sons of the Forest.

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How to get and use the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest

In order to use a zipline, you will need to get your hands on the Rope Gun and some ammo. The Rope Gun isn’t the easiest weapon to obtain and will take a little bit to reach. Obtaining it will also allow you to get your hands on the shovel. The Rope Gun is located in one of the western-side caves shown on the map below.

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The caves in the game are pretty straightforward but the one with the Rope Gun will have you dealing with multiple mutants as well as a mutant blob. When you reach the blob, you will need to blow it up using a time bomb. These can be crafted using a circuit board, five coins, wire, duct tape, a C4 brick, and a watch. Keep following the cave until you find the Rope Gun in a case next to a dead body. You can then get your first zipline experience by sliding down a rope next to the cliff the gun is on.

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After getting the Rope Gun, you can create your own ziplines by firing the gun using the left mouse button. The shot from the gun will hit wherever the highlighted target is. Shoot the gun at a second anchor point to finish the zipline. After that, you simply need to walk up to the high point of the line and press the E key. This will automatically make you slide down the zipline to the other end. Make sure you know how to build properly if you plan on adding a zipline to your base.

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