How To Use FHJ-18 in Call of Duty Mobile


Call of Duty Mobile pits you against other players in deadly close-quarters combat. The game includes all manner of weapons, Scorestreaks, and pieces of gear you’re going to use to from the long-running series. In this guide, we will briefly talk about the FHJ-18 and how to use it.

How To Use FHJ-18 in Call of Duty Mobile

The FHJ-18 is a rocket launcher you unlock when you level up in Call of Duty Mobile. The weapon is only able to fire at vehicles. You cannot fire it at human targets. You can’t even dumb fire it, as the weapon only locks on to vehicles, and can only be fired when locked on.

To use the FHJ-18, equip it in your Loadout, then when you are in-game, aim it at a vehicle. The reticle will glow red, letting you know you have a target lock, and you can then tap the screen to fire.

Now, you may be wondering why you would use it when you cannot shoot human enemies with it. In Battle Royale, it’s filled with vehicles, the best way to use it is obvious, but this is not the case in multiplayer.

The strength of the FHJ-18 in multiplayer is to take out enemy UAVs, Hunter Killer Drones, and other vehicles that only show up during killstreaks. If you can hit an enemy plane with an FHJ-18 before the enemy player gets their shot off, then the Scorestreak is wasted, and you saved some of your team, or perhaps even yourself.

Now there is some risk involved. You have to expose yourself to potential damage and need to be quick to get the shot off before you get killed. Aim the FHJ-18 at the vehicle, get the target lock, and let the rocket go, then rapidly make your way to cover again.