How to use Maximilian’s special abilities in Evil Genius 2

Make the most of your villain’s wunderbar abilities.


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Maximilian is the cover villain for Evil Genius 2 and a great one to use in your first playthrough to get an idea of how the game works. In this guide, we’ll explain how Maximilian’s special abilities work and where you can make the most of them in your lair.

Motivated speaker

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Maximilian has two special abilities that will help enhance you using his unique style of leadership.

  • Work Harder! – This area of effect buff pushes minions to prioritize jobs within Maximilian’s vicinity.
  • Train Faster! – Using this area of effect buff will cause any minions in the radius to complete their training instantly.

Each of these abilities can be used anywhere in your lair, but there are certain rooms that you’ll benefit from using them in more than others.

Mr. Motivator

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The Work Harder! ability is best used anywhere that you need minions to complete a job faster. This could be in a location where you’re having new rooms built, your lab where important research is underway, or maybe even the control room, where nefarious schemes are being planned.

There’s no one place that this ability works better than others. However, we found that when you don’t have any urgent jobs on the go, it’s best to have Maximilian use this ability in the mess hall. This will force all minions to prioritize eating and getting out of their and back to their jobs as soon as possible. It’ll help your lair run like a well-oiled machine.

Train or die

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Train Harder! can only be used in one place, your training room. This is where all of your Workers can train to become Scientists, Guards, Valets, and every other type of minion in the game. However, training takes time, which means less progress towards overall world domination.

By moving Maximilian to the training room and using Train Harder!, you can automatically complete the training of any minions in the area. You can use this multiple times and blast through that training until you’ve got all the specialized minions you need.

Employee lottery

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Maximilian has one more ability. He can be instructed to kill any minion in the lair. While this is cruel, though certainly well within the remit of an evil villain, it will motivate every minion who witnesses the murder. Every witness will gain morale through sheer fear that they’ll be next on Maximilian’s list. It’s worth conducting a random staff killing now and then just to make sure your minions won’t get out of line.

Rest period

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Even Maximilian’s morale can wear down over time as he uses these abilities. Don’t forget to send him back to his cozy chair to recharge when he can no longer motivate his minions like he needs to.