How to use motion controls in Fortnite for Nintendo Switch

How to aim using the gyro motion controls of the Nintendo Switch in Fortnite.

Motion controls are a divisive topic in video games. In most cases, you either love them or you hate them. If you find yourself in the former category, there is a good chance you take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s gyro control enabled joy-cons. If you are wondering how you can use the motion controls in Fortnite on the Switch, be sure to read on.

After launching the game, press the plus button. This will put you in the upper portion of the screen. Scroll to the gear icon and press A to open the settings. Scroll down a few entries to Motion Enabled. Switch it to on. It is that simple to turn on gyro controls in Fortnite on Nintendo Switch. Of course, you will also have a few adjustable options for the sensitivity of the motion controls:

  • Motion Sensitivity Not Targeting is for your normal movement throughout the world. This will adjust how fast your camera moves when looking around.
  • Motion Sensitivity Targeting is focused solely on the sensitivity of your cursor while aiming down the sights on your weapons. A higher number here means you will move faster in-game.
  • Motion Sensitivity Scoped is like the targeting option, instead focused on scoped weapons (snipers).
  • Motion Sensitivity Targeting Harvesting Tool adjusts how freely your camera moves when swinging your pickaxe or other harvesting tool around.

Be sure to jump in and out of the menus to adjust the sensitivity of the motion controls to your preferences. It might take a few games before you find an area you deem comfortable for you.