How to use salvage and high-end salvage in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode

What equipment should you craft?

After taking down a zombie in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode, you may receive a small amount of salvage for gaining the kill. Salvage will be an extremely useful resource for you and your teammates to utilize when you’re battling the undead horde.

You want to use salvage at the crafting tables while playing Zombies mode. You can check how much salvage you have on yourself by clicking the tab button and bringing up the scoreboard. It’ll be the pile of scrap in the side, and to the right of that is high-end salvage. You want to take both of these to the crafting table to obtain useful items.

These items vary from different lethal and tactical equipment. These include stimshots, cymbal monkey, grenade, stuns, and other explosives. The high-end salvage is what you need to use to unlock the various support items. These are your revive packs, sentry guns, war machines, and even a helicopter minigun.

Whenever you find yourself low on ammunition or a member of your team is becoming dangerously reckless, it’s a good idea to find a crafting table to make a revive kit or grab some C4. You can never have too much equipment to take down the undead.