How to use Star Shards in Teamfight Tactics (TFT)

Give your Dango the wings it deserves.

Image via Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) added Star Shards to its game in Set 4, Fates. The developers made it easier for fans to upgrade their Little Legends to new heights. There are a handful of ways to earn and use Star Shards, so let’s break that down.

How to earn

There are two ways to earn Star Shards. Unfortunately for stingy players, they both involve money. You either have to purchase them in bundles from the TFT shop or buy the seasonal Gamepass. For example, during the Fates pass, you could earn roughly 360 Star Shards if you got every reward.

While this sounds perfect, you do have to be choosy about your Star Shards. After all, upgrading to tier 2 costs 100, and upgrading to tier 3 costs another 100. So, over half of that 360 would be spent on making one unit fancy. But if that satisfies you, the Gamepass will be more than enough to jazz up your Little Legends.

How to use

Once you have a stockpile of Star Shards, head to a TFT lobby and open up your TFT inventory by clicking on the Tactician you are currently using. There, you should be able to scroll through and explore your Little Legends. You also should see a sparkle and a number at the top of that list, showing you how many shards you have.

If you want to upgrade your favorite Chaos Molediver, find it in your list and click on its icon. It should enlarge the Little legend and show you what a Tier 2 and Tier 3 Chaos Molediver would look like. From there, click on said tiers to purchase the next level and upgrade as many Little legends as you want.

Some restrictions

Even if you want to, there are some tacticians that can’t use Star Shards. River sprites, ranked units, event units like the Birthday Cake Runespirit, and the Chibi Champions cannot be upgraded.