How to use Stupefy in Hogwarts Legacy

Stun your targets using the Stupefy spell.

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Stupefy is a valuable spell you can use in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s an attack that allows you to briefly stun an opponent, giving you an opening against them in combat and providing you the worthwhile chance to do extra damage against them. Unfortunately, Stupefy cannot be as quickly performed as a basic attack from your wand. You need to set it up before you can use it. Here’s what you need to know about how to use Stupefy in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to cast Stupefy and how it works in Hogwarts Legacy

Stupefy is not a spell you can readily use, like your basic attack spell. Instead, you can only cast it after you’ve used your protection spell, Protego. You can use Protego by holding down the defense button and building a shield around you, protecting you from any incoming damage. If you time it correctly, before an enemy attack, the shield stops any harm from happening to your character. However, if you hold the Protego shield down, and counter an attack, your character will use the Stupefy spell, stunning an enemy.

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The spell is automatically done after you’ve protected your character from an attack. When casting the spell, your character will aim for any target they are locked onto, which might even mean they hit an enemy that did not perform the attack. You can switch targets using the left stick and changing your targetted enemy to one attempting to harm your character or another nearby foe preparing their attack. The Stupefy spell will go out, and the foe hit by the spell will be stunned for several seconds.

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While stunned, an enemy takes increased damage from any spells you use against them. You can have several targets stunned simultaneously, but you can only stun one target at a time with Stupefy.