Is The Callisto Protocol a Dead Space sequel? Answered

Are we back in the Dead Space universe?

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The Callisto Protocol is out now for players to dive into the moon of Callisto and immerse themselves in the depths of the survival horror genre. The game bears a certain resemblance to the atmosphere, visuals, and gameplay of another popular survival horror series, Dead Space. People might be wondering whether the two are connected as they easily could be mistaken. With that in mind, it begs the question is The Callisto Protocol a sequel to Dead Space?

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Are The Callisto Protocol and Dead Space series connected?

To clear things up first, The Callisto Protocol and the Dead Space series aren’t connected in any way and both take place in different universes. That said, there are some things they do have in common which makes gets people confused. The minimal HUD and the haunting atmosphere combined with gruesome horror are a formula seen in both franchises. Even the third-person over-the-shoulder approach is pretty much the same. Moreover, the completion time between the two is also around 10 to 15 hours. The Callisto Protocol has much more emphasis on the visuals, combat, and storytelling elements, as evident by its amazing cast. These make the game stand apart from the Dead Space franchise including the Dead Space Remake.

There’s another reason why The Callisto Protocol has some of the Dead Space DNA. The game is directed by Glen Schofield, who was the co-creator of the Dead Space series. He created The Callisto Protocol in his own studio Striking Distance after leaving Visceral Games, where the Dead Space series was created. Along with Schofield, several members of the Dead Space development team at Visceral Games are also involved in The Callisto Protocol at Striking Distance. In that sense, The Callisto Protocol could be considered a ”spiritual successor” to the Dead Space franchise rather than a sequel.