How to use the Flamethrower Scorestreak in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer

When the going gets tough, burn it all down.

Image via Treyarch

Flamethrowers have always been an enjoyable weapon to use in shooter games because they are so different from other traditional weapons you would see. They also cause a big mess of fire everywhere which is always more fun for the closeted insane players among us. In Season Five of its content, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has added the Flamethrower as the brand new Scorestreak you can get your hands on. Here is how to use it.

First, to get the Flamethrower, you need to earn it like any other Scorestreak. You will need to have it set and earn 1,500 points over the course of a single match. This can be through getting kills or objective points. You will lose the Flamethrower if you die after pulling it out.

Now to use the Flamethrower effectively, you will need to be pretty close to your enemies. The range on it is not particularly far, so find a closed-in area to make it easier. Also, if an enemy is running away, lead the way they are running because the fire will come out a little slower than you will be used to with other weapons.

Finally, while we don’t recommend holding onto it waiting for the perfect moment to use it, the Flamethrower is excellent at taking down groups of enemies. If they are bunched together, and you get close, be sure to make them regret it.