How to use the free cam in Fallout 76

A new way to craft.

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Fallout 76 has changed significantly over the years thanks to the addition of some great quality-of-life features that are meant to improve the game and help you survive in the wasteland. One of the latest features comes from the Nuka World on Tour update. You can now access a free camera while playing the game, which makes crafting a lot more enjoyable and easier if you spend a lot of time making sure your camp is perfect. This guide will show you how to use the free cam in Fallout 76.

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What is the free camera in Fallout 76?

You may have heard the term free camera or seen some of the challenges that mention it in the challenges menu. The free camera, or free cam, is a tool that was added with the Nuka World on Tour update that allows you to access a free camera while placing camp items. When you are working in your camp, you can now gain access to a camera that is able to move all around the craftable area and place items, so you no longer need to do everything on foot and risk hurting yourself.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Using the free camera is pretty simple. All you need to do is open the camp crafting menu like normal. Afterward, you will see a prompt at the bottom of the screen that shows you how to access the free camera. For example, if you are playing on PlayStation, you press the options button to access the free camera. You can then use the triggers to move, change the height of objects, or even switch the interaction style to rotations. Once you are done with the free camera, press the options button again to exit it.

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Along with the free camera, the Nuka World on Tour update added additional challenges that you can complete to get Atoms and Perk Card Packs. These challenges require you to build specific items in your camp while using the free camera. You can find these challenges under the daily and weekly sections of the challenges menu.