How to use the Jackal in Call of Duty: Mobile

The shiny new toy of the game.

Image via Activision

The Jackal is the latest addition to the diverse Call of Duty: Mobile arsenal of vehicles. The fighter jet came along with the Season 6 update and is already becoming an integral part of the meta. It is fast, powerful, and can absolutely decimate foes when used efficiently. However, controlling the jet can be a hassle, especially for a beginner, since you need to familiarize yourself with different controls. For anyone struggling to handle the Jackal efficiently in Call of Duty: Mobile, this guide will explain how to do so.

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Piloting a Jackal in Call of Duty: Mobile

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Jackal can hold up to two players at a time: the pilot and the passenger. While piloting a Jackal, you will have access to the below-mentioned controls:

  1. Accelerator – Press the Accelerator to increase the speed of a Jackal. The longer you press the Accelerator, the faster the jet will get.
  2. Brakes – Pressing Brakes will gradually release the Landing Gear. Hence, ensure that you are slowed down before using Brakes.
  3. Automatic Cannon – This will be your primary weapon while piloting a Jackal. Automatic Cannon shoots explosive rounds capable of eliminating both aerial and land threats.
  4. Flares – Use Flares to diverge any incoming missile attacks.
  5. Missiles  Much like Automatic Cannon, Missiles can be used to destroy enemy land or aerial threats. Although Missiles are more potent than Automatic Cannon attacks, they are limited and have a cooldown so use them wisely.

To find a Jackal in your match, open the map and look for a jet icon. Once you find the icon, head to that location, and you’ll get the jet. However, stay on your toes when in the jet’s vicinity, as other players will likely be there. During your first flights, it’s better to familiarize yourself with different nuances, so do not speed up or engage with enemies until needed. Ultimately, the more you pilot a Jackal, the better your skills will get.