How to use the jukebox in Splatoon 3

Let’s dance to the beat of the music!

Image via Nintendo

Since its release, Splatoon 3 have been asking for one particular piece of content: a way to replace the fantastic music in the game. It comes as no surprise that players would like to listen to the game’s various tracks in-game, and Splatoon 3 now lets you do that with a jukebox function. So what do you need to do to use the jukebox in Splatoon 3?

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Using the jukebox in Splatoon 3

Screenshot by Gamepur

To use the jukebox, head over to either the Inkopolis or the Splatsville lobby. Right by the shop where you can grab a bite to eat, you’ll see the jukebox. The jukebox plays a variety of songs from the game, including tracks from the story and the city, such as Deep Cut’s track “Anarchy Rainbow.” Whatever song you play can be heard throughout the lobby, though you can hear it much clearer if you’re still in the jukebox selection menu.

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How to request a song in Splatoon 3

Screenshot by Gamepur

All you need to do to request a song on the jukebox is to use it. All the songs are split up into different categories based on when they play in the game. You can press Y on any one of the songs to hear a short preview. Once you’ve decided what song to play, hit A to confirm your selection and then hit yes on the confirmation message. To cancel your request, you need to go back to the jukebox and hit the X button.

It costs 100 Cash per song, so make sure you have some saved up if you want to play some of your favorite tunes. If you’re playing a multiplayer game, your friends can also request songs on the jukebox.