How to use the kill command in Minecraft 1.19

Get rid of anyone, at any time.

Image via Mojang

One of the first console commands you should probably add to your arsenal in Minecraft 1.19 is the kill command. Players can use the kill command to get rid of any type of mob and players in an extremely large radius. Since this power will allow you to control who is alive on your map at any time, you’ll want to learn how to use it properly. Here is how you can use the kill command in Minecraft 1.19.

How to use the kill command in Minecraft 1.19

To use the kill command in Minecraft 1.19, you will first have to enable cheats in your world. Once that is done, you just need to open up the console by pressing “/,” or opening the chat in the Pocket Edition, and get to work.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The command “/kill” followed by nothing will result in your death. However, there are a couple of special commands that you can use to kill specific mobs or players. If you type in the name of a player after the kill command, that player will die. For example, typing “/kill gamepur” will instantly kill a player in the server called “gamepur.”

Otherwise, there are five distinct target selectors that you can use to kill mobs, players, and yourself if you type them after “/kill”:

  • @p (nearest player)
  • @r – (random player)
  • @a – (all players)
  • @e – (all entities)
  • @s – (the entity that is executing the command, in this case, yourself)

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As you can see, typing in the command “/kill @e” will kill every living being in the server (or your render range). The same stands for all the target selectors we listed above. However, you actually have even more control over who and what you kill if you use certain filters.

Screenshot by Gamepur

After typing in the “/kill @e” you can also add square brackets (“[]”) and write filters such as type, distance, or limit., letting you easily kill specific mobs. For example, if you wanted to kill all the zombies in a close range, you can type in the command “/kill @e[type:zombie, distance:..10]” and you would get rid of all the zombies around you. You can also use the “type=!player” to exclude yourself from the killings. Once you get a handle on how the kill command work, you’ll quickly have full control over who lives and dies in your Minecraft world.