How to use the Smudge Stick in Phasmophobia

One of the few ways to scare the ghost away.

How to use the Smudge Stick in Phasmophobia

Image via EllyInVideoland

When you are on an adventure to hunt down ghosts, simply knowing how to run isn’t enough. You need to have the necessary equipment to take out the terrifying creatures. In Phasmophobia, there are a number of tools that you can use to drive away the ghosts, and the Smudge Stick can be your savior when you have nowhere to run.

Unlike other tools in the game like the Crucifix, the Smudge Stick in Phasmophobia can be used to fend off a ghost when it is close to you and is about to get into its Hunting phase. To use the Smudge Stick, you need to first equip your lighter and turn it on. Then, equip the Smudge Stick and press the secondary button to light up the smudge stick. The secondary button is F on the keyboard by default.

Another way is to put the Smudge Stick on the ground and then ignite your lighter. Use the lighter and then pick up the Smudge Stick. This should light up the Smudge Stick as well. You can either hold the Smudge Stick in your hand or place it on the ground. Ideally, the best way to use the Smudge Stick is to place it on the ground when you hear a ghost nearby or see signs of increasing ghost activity. You can also use it when the lights start flashing, which indicates that the ghost is entering its hunting mode.

Do keep in mind that the Smudge Stick only helps you temporarily. Its effect is short-lived, so use it tactically to buy yourself some time and find a safe spot.